The Black Sheep Writer

Ago 11, 2013

                                                Its a conspiracy

Ok there´s something fishy about all this… I mean… Kali was lesbian with Jennifer/Julia whatever that fucked bitch name is… and on Currents she kidnaped her to use her as bait to get Derek? I mean come on Kali loved her with all her heart and she couldn´t recognize the face and or/scent of the person that she loved that much that was unable to kill? then I think… this stinks to conspiracy… the way I see it Kali and Jennifer are working together to destroy Ducalion both win with Ducalion´s death… Kali becomes the new demon wolf, and Jennifer get her revenge… But why do I think that? Kali knows Ducalion loves to get stronger with every alpha he kills, she knows that Derek didn´t kill Ennis, she knows it was Ducalion she is pretty smart I think.